28 February 2017


I miss travel.  I miss the adventure that comes from a break in routine.  Lately, I've been feeling a little bit stuck in a rut.  It feels like I'm settling down, but I'm not ready to yet.  I'm still young, there is still so much more to be seen/done/experienced in life, and I don't want to settle so early.  I might not even want to settle much at all.  And yet, lately that's what I have come to do.  Every day is the same routine.  The only consistent source of change in my life is that the shows I work on as a stage manager are different every few months.  But I'm still working as a stage manager, doing the same job in theatre, as well as doing the same day job at iFLY, so when people ask "what's new?", the only thing I can tell them are the details of what theatrical production I happen to be working on.  The general answer is the same - "Not much." / "Just working." / "Keeping busy."

It both blows my mind and also makes me incredibly mournful when I think that just a couple of years ago I was living abroad, getting to experience new things on an almost daily basis.  I was meeting new people, and traveling to new places, and doing work I love under the most liberating and  surreal possible circumstances.

I miss that.  I miss the experiences, I miss the places, and I miss how unconditionally happy I was.  I am not leading the worst life in the world right now.  I am not depressed, nor do I have it rough by any means.  I have loving family, wonderful friends, I live in a great apartment in a beautiful city… But at most, I'm simply content some of the time.  I have felt true, ecstatic joy and happiness, and I want to live that again.

Something needs to change.  I don't know what exactly that is right away.  I have ideas and dreams and goals for the future, even the near future over the next year or so.  But tonight, at 12:45 in the morning*, when I should be sleeping, I had these thoughts and I just felt the need to verbalize them in some way.

So here I am, back on this blog that I haven't touched in two and a half years.  The current name and design of this blog is not where I currently am in my life, so this is a little out of place for what this space used to be.  But maybe, this will be something that I pick up again with new intention and with a new purpose.

*A later edit/PSA:  Don't write anything important or public at 12:45am via voice speech on your phone because the spelling and grammar WILL be atrocious.

02 September 2014


Well, as of today, I've officially been home one week, and I've got to say, it feels goooood!  It's the simple things, like the inexplicable feeling of comfort just by knowing you're surrounded by mountains and evergreens, or the smell of the cool, salty air that rolls off the water.  Of course, waking up and looking out at the view of the skyline doesn't hurt either.

20 August 2014


I cannot wait to wear jeans and boots and sweater and long sleeve flannels and everything else that comes with autumn fashion.  I'm craving any item of clothing that could be associated with cooler weather.  I'm so sick of my shorts and tank tops because they're literally the only things I wear in Florida.  I've just gone and looked up the forecast for Seattle next week because I can't wait for the infamous Seattle weather!  I also find myself scouring Pinterest and doing tons of online window shopping (window, get it?) because it's the only way I can do fall fashion for now.

Football is back!  Well, nearly.  It's only the preseason right now, but hey, it's a start!  Another reason why I love autumn so much.  Yay for Seahawks games and going hoarse along with the rest of the 12th Man!

Pumpkin spice lattes are back on Monday.  Call me basic.

I leave for Seattle in six days.  I have five days left at iFLY and then next Tuesday it's au revoir Florida and bonjour Seattle.  I am so excited to be home.  I am ready.  I'm spending my day off today doing the majority of my packing, which reminds me that I need to run to Staples or somewhere and get a box for the quilt I'm bringing home.

I really, really need to hear from this apartment complex that my sister and I are hoping to get a unit at.  We're first on their wait list, so it's all dependent on whether or not current tenants decide to renew their leases.  I hope they don't.  This place has floor to ceiling windows and hardwood floors.  Hardwood floors!!! And it's literally next door to CenturyLink Field, so my sister and I could walk across the street to the Seahawks games and not deal with any of the traffic and general congestion that comes with.  We should hear sometime this week if we get a unit for September, but I really hope they call us today.  I want to know where I'm going to be living!

Also, decorating.  I really have been going overboard on the Pinterest home decor thing, if that's even possible.  I've found so many DIYs that I want to try, decor inspirations, products I want (though can't buy, but still), and I've also gone to Ikea twice in the past two weeks.  And one of those times was yesterday, by myself, completely by choice.  Forget killing an hour or two by window shopping, going to a park, grabbing a bite to eat, etc... No, I chose to go to Ikea.

I've become addicted to Pretty Little Liars on Netflix and also now for some reason I've just watched the trailer for 50 Shades of Grey.  WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME??

So that's basically what's been up for the past month.  I expect I'll be back on here when I'm back in Seattle, but for now, it's basically those thoughts, working at iFLY, and staying indoors because if I go outside I'll melt like the Wicked Witch of the West.

29 July 2014


Today I felt inspired... to make an outfit post!  I recently bought these jeans and they're just so amazing all around and I felt so great in them that I decided it was about time I made one.  It was a quick photo sesh with me, myself, and my camera (hence the awkward nose scratch photo below which I'm not entirely sure why I included, but oh well).

25 July 2014


When I first came to Florida, my intention was to stay until mid-May, then return until Seattle.  Well, obviously, that got prolonged for a while.  But I'm finally ready and able to move back to Seattle.  August 26 and I am so excited to go home!!
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